Toys Land is a toy store established on Web3. Adapting to the new metaverse technology, to grow and benefit from the endless ecosystem possibilities and capabilities.

We believe that a small toy store in real life can exist as an infinite world in the metaverse. The toys we imagined that were impossible to be executed IRL, can now exist on a decentralized blockchain.

toysland video nft

What is Now a Simple NFT Collection, Will Thrive to Become The Next Virtual Destination for Retail and Entertainment.



Toys Land is founded by a brother and sister team. We have long yearned to return to our childhood toy store visits with our father, before he passed away at an early age.

The toy stores visits and the toys that we collected always kept us together – strong and passionate.

Now that we both have our own families, we want to create a similar yet modern experience, keeping up with how the business and entertainment world has evolved. Our goal is to give our kids and all kids around the world (adults included!) the space to just have fun, create limitless toys, and acquire high quality 3D ART.

We Didn’t know we Were Making Memories, We Just Knew we Where Having Fun


Minting a bouncer means minting a pass to another 2 additional free mints happening in 2023. In addition , Gamers can claim an OBJ file of their bouncer to be used as skin/Avatar in gaming.

We have more in our pocket , to know more , please join the community.

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toyslandnft basket


Grab your toys on TL official minting website.

After the public sale, TL NFTs will be traded on secondary marketplaces such as OpenSea , LooksRare and NuqtahNFT.

Connect your wallet and your cart will be waiting by the door!


Our first collection dropping on 2nd Feb 2023 ,
If you acquire a buncer you become automatically
entitled a spot in 2 free mints coming during 2023 !
Roadmap ? please see the ride

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Mohammed Alteneiji toysland nft

Mohammed Alteneiji


(Multi Business Owner)

Aaesha Alteneiji toysland nft

Aaesha Alteneiji


(Architectural Engineer- Founder of CLICK Design Studio)